How to use web grid in mvc4

Here is a code snippet to use Webgrid in mvc

var grid = new WebGrid(ViewBag.List);
tableStyle: "webGrid",
headerStyle: "header",
alternatingRowStyle: "alt",
selectedRowStyle: "select",
columns: grid.Columns
grid.Column("Name", header: "Name", format: m => m.Name),
grid.Column("City", header: "City", format: m => m.City),
grid.Column("",header: "Edit", format: @<text> @Html.ActionLink("Edit", "EditStudent", new  {id = item.Id }) </text>),
grid.Column("",header: "Delete", format: @<text>@Html.ActionLink("Delete", "DeleteStudent", new  {id = item.Id }, new { onclick = "javascript:return confirm('Are you sure want to delete this?')" } ) </text>)


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